Driving advanced recycled
polymer technology into Europe

A collaborative project supported by the European Commission under the EIP (European Innovation Programme)

The Project

The EU funded Recyclite project aims to commercialise a range of lightweight, scratch resistant high performance polypropylene (PP) compounds using up to 60% recycled content, for use by the auto interior trim market.

Why develop this range?

Environmental performance is high on the agenda for Europe’s manufacturers that require materials able to reduce weight; improve fuel efficiency and increase the recycled content. This is why technical compounder Luxus is developing Hycolene™ a range of lightweight recycled content PP compounds to replace traditional grades for today’s demanding applications.

The aim of this project is to upscale its development to increase the quality of recycled compounds and the process needed to engineer them. This will require an investment in infrastructure and expert support from partners to ensure that technical standards are satisfied for future applications.

Industry benefits

Manufacturers adopting this technology will be able to use more recycled polymers so they can satisfy both end-of-life (ELV) and emissions legislation targets. For example, for every 1kg of plastic used in vehicles, a substantial 2 to 3kg of weight can be saved. This reduces fuel consumption by 2.5 litres in the life of the average car, therefore lowering CO2 emissions by 8.3kg.

Hycolene™ will offer manufacturers the right environmental and performance benefits enabling them to be competitive where arguably it matters the most – in the cabin.